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La City Advisor Accused Of Sexual Harassment

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LAPD Officer Matthew Garza, who worked as a bodyguard for Mayor Eric Garcetti’s detail, filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming that he was sexually harassed by one of the mayor’s top advisors, Rick Jacobs.

Garza was assigned to work with the Mayor in 2013 and according to his complaint, he immediately became the target of Jacobs’s obscene sexual comments and inappropriate touching. Garza stated that his job required frequent interaction with Jacobs. During their meetings, Jacobs would pull him closer with a handshake, give him a long hug and say words such as “you’re so strong and handsome”, “your muscles are so tight”, and “I love me my strong LAPD officers”. He said that these, along with many other inappropriate comments, made him feel exceedingly uncomfortable.

The suit alleges that the harassment took place during the mayor’s trips to Arizona, New Hampshire, and other places for over a few years.

Garza also claims that in some instances, Mayor Garcetti witnessed some of Jacobs’s inappropriate conduct but did not do anything to correct his behavior.

Jacobs says that the accusations are utterly false and that he will actively defend himself and his reputation.

Mayor Garcetti’s spokesman stated that “the mayor has zero tolerance for sexual harassment and unequivocally did not witness the behavior that Officer Garza alleges.”

According to the complaint, Garza has suffered emotional, mental, and physical damages and has requested to be reassigned. Garza has lost his rank and part of his salary.

Sexual harassment can occur in various ways. If you feel you are being sexually harassed at work, you have the right to stop your employer from harassing you and your co-workers. Sexual harassment is illegal, and you have the right to file a claim for physical, mental, or emotional damages against your employer. Contact our office and our attorneys will evaluate your claim at no cost to you.

Our sexual harassment attorneys at Mesriani Law Group have been vigorously fighting against employers who mistreat their employees. We represent victims of workplace sexual harassment all over Los Angeles County and continuously gain strong recognition for our success.

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