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speeding on the empty streets of los angeles

Speeding On The Empty Streets Of Los Angeles

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April 25, 2020 – Los Angeles is notorious for its excessive traffic. But since the stay-at-home order, the streets and freeways of Los Angeles have been relatively empty and without its usual traffic congestion.

While those on the road are very pleased with the notable decrease in traffic, they might have noticed some changes in the traffic lights within Los Angeles. In the city’s efforts to reduce speeding and accidents due to careless driving, it has adjusted its traffic lights to operate on nighttime mode. This simply means that the lights operate independently and switch lights as the vehicles arrive.

As we experience less traffic, we can also expect more speeders and negligent drivers. CHP reports that they have been receiving less calls for the common fender-bender. They are, however, reporting an increased number of single-car collisions and rollover accidents. They have also noted that ambulances are being called to the scene more often because of the injuries sustained by speeding and carefree drivers.





Table of Contents for Specific Topics

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