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pregnancy discrimination

Your Right Against Pregnancy Discrimination In California

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A pregnant employee or one with similar condition should be provided with reasonable accommodation by the employer as well as be protected from harassment and other unjust treatment at work.

If you are pregnant and you are being unlawfully harassed at work, then you are entitled to recover pregnancy discrimination damages which include economic damages and compensation for your emotional distress and punitive damages.

California Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)

Under FEHA, a pregnant individual is protected against discrimination by prohibiting employers from harassing, demoting, terminating or discriminating against employees who are pregnant. FEHA applies if your employer employs at least five regular or full time employees. Hence, if you are working in an environment with at least 5 regular employees, you can definitely file a claim under FEHA to protect your rights and to claim pregnancy discrimination losses against your boss.

California Pregnancy Disability Leave Law (PDLL)

Under PDLL, California employers are mandated to provide their pregnant employees with up to four months of leave due to disability on account of their pregnancy. The employees can take the 4 months leave all at once for pregnancy related disability. Hence, if your employer fails to grant your request or even refuses to allow your leaves, then your employer is automatically guilty of pregnancy discrimination and/or harassment at work.

Other Signs Of Pregnancy Disability At Work

If you are not being given the same compensation or if you are not being given the same increase, same avenue for promotion or even imposes against you more serious or more harsh punishment in case of employee handbook violation, then you are also being discriminated against for pregnancy disability at work.

Seek Help From Expert Pregnancy Discrimination Attorneys in California

It is never easy to prove any type of discrimination. However, in case of pregnancy discrimination, there is at least proof that you may not be given the same treatment because of your obvious pregnant state. To better protect your rights against your unjust employer, it is to your best interest to seek legal help from the best pregnancy discrimination lawyers in California to help you gather evidence and put forward these evidence to support your valid and just claim.





Table of Contents for Specific Topics

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