Things to Know About Lyft & Uber Accidents in California

Author: Mesriani Law Group
Posted on: March 31, 2020

Uber / Lyft are convenient ridesharing apps valued at almost $90 billion. In today’s fast paced world, ride-sharing apps such as Uber / Lyft are becoming more and more prominent with the general population because of their convenience. Despite the convenience of using such ride-sharing apps, they still come with their own risks. Like with any mode of transportation, there is potential for an Uber / Lyft accident to occur.

Rideshare accident statistics in California

In 2019 Uber conducted their first study regarding unsafe incidents surrounding the ridesharing app. The study concluded that a total of 58 victims were killed in crashes while using the ride-sharing application. As the number of riders increases, the anticipated total of crashes will also rise therefore this increases the average driver’s risk of being involved in an Uber related crash.

What to Do in Case of Uber / Lyft Accidents

If you have been involved in a ridesharing accident, seeking damages against Uber / Lyft is your best option. Our Uber / Lyft accident attorneys at Mesriani Law Group have been representing clients involved in such incidents since the ride-sharing apps debuted in 2009. There are many obstacles a victim of an Uber / Lyft accident faces after an injury has occurred. Uber / Lyft insurance companies are highly skilled in avoiding payouts to their passengers. As expert Uber / Lyft accident attorneys, we know about the rights of passengers who utilize the services of Uber / Lyft. Our team of Uber / Lyft accident attorneys at MLG will help champion the cause of victims involved in ride-sharing accidents throughout California.