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Collision of Motorcycle and Party Bus on 91 Freeway in Cerritos Left 1 Dead

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The California Highway Patrol reported a collision between a motorcycle and a party bus on early Sunday morning in the area of Shoemaker Avenue in Cerritos.

According to CHP, the biker was riding a 2008 Yamaha R6 in the carpool lane of 91 Freeway more than 80 miles per hour when it swayed behind a 2013 Ford in the next lane making the two collide. Based on the witness statements, the biker shifted to the right and hit the front side of his motorcycle to the rear of the party bus, which had been traveling at about 50 miles per hour.

The biker, 37-year-old Anthony Tyrone Boyd Jr. of Long Beach, endured fatal injuries from the collision and was found dead at the scene. No arrests were made and further investigation of whether the speed of the vehicles was a factor that caused the accident is still ongoing.

In California alone, there are over 800 thousand registered motorcycles, the largest volume in the nation, and roughly 80% of motorcycle accidents result in minor to fatal injuries each year. The counties that have the most volume in motorcycle accidents resulting in fatalities and injuries are:

  • Los Angeles – 4,493
  • San Diego – 1,667
  • Orange County – 1,346
  • Riverside – 940
  • San Bernardino – 857

A motorcycle accident is a life-altering experience that can lead to severe and fatal injuries and expensive damages. It is always a bad move to take care of your claims all by yourself, not only that you may end up even more stressed with the time-consuming process but with less compensation as well.

The best course of action is to seek legal advice and representation from a motorcycle accident attorney who is both knowledgeable in traffic laws and policies regarding vehicular collisions and has qualified experience in representing victims of such accidents at court. Mesriani Law Group offers exactly that with compassion and determination to provide you the maximum compensation you deserve. Call and get a free consultation today.

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