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Hit-And-Run Crash Killed Pregnant Woman And Unborn Child

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Police Officers were chasing a suspected drunken driver in a Dodge Ram pickup in Lancaster on Monday when the driver struck a car.

The chase began near 12th Street West where the driver was turning recklessly. The driver turned left at Avenue J after gaining some distance from the officers. Along Avenue J-8 and 10th Street, the driver passed a red light and hit a Dodge sedan.

Video footages showed both vehicles on the sidewalk, with the pickup truck on its side and the sedan flipped over.

The pickup driver got out of his vehicle and ran away from the site of the crash, leaving the victim, a pregnant woman, inside her car.

Paramedics took the victim to Antelope Valley hospital where she and her unborn child died from the injuries.

Officers have not located the driver.

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Table of Contents for Specific Topics

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