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Los Angeles Workers Protest To Fight Unfair Employment Practices And Race Discrimination

Los Angeles Workers Protest To Fight Unfair Employment Practices And Race Discrimination

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A large group of non-union workers such as janitors, healthcare workers, gig workers, ride-share drivers, and fast food employees banded together for a motorcade on Monday to express their issues and concerns on low wages, racism, and lack of safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Monday’s Los Angeles rally along Crenshaw up to the USC area was part of a 25-city protest labeled “Strike for Black Lives”. The protest called for the government and private corporations to resist racism and effects of COVID-19 which have made life harder for non-union and low-income workers of color.

Mysheka Ronquillo, one of the protesters, says that her employer treats her and her co-workers of color differently. Ronquillo has been an employee at Carl’s Jr. for almost two years and is fighting for their rights to be provided with fair wages and health insurance. Ronquillo also claims that Carl’s Jr.  does not provide them with sufficient COVID-19 protections and are having them work with people infected with the virus. She says that management is not letting the sick people go home. Ronquillo also says that the employees of color are being held at a different standard, constantly being told that they are not good enough or fast enough. Fellow employees agreed with Ronquillo and added that their managers “don’t say such things to the white workers”.

In a separate statement, CKE Restaurant Holdings Inc., the parent company of Carl’s Jr., only mentioned its commitment to diversity and fair employment practices. They did not, however, address their employees’ concerns about COVID-19. Ned Lyerly, Chief Executive for Carl’s Jr., further said “We are taking this opportunity to listen, learn and act,” Lyerly said in a statement issued last month. “We acknowledge that it is crucial we advance dialogue on how best to bring our communities together, embrace our differences and together be agents of positive change.”

It is against the law to harass or mistreat a person because of their race or color. If you believe you are a victim of race discrimination at work, you have a right to file a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing within one year of the start of harassment or discrimination.

Race discrimination complaints can be complicated and involves what may seem to be an endless process of gathering facts and witnesses. Our race discrimination lawyers at Mesriani Law Group have been successfully representing victims of race discrimination in the workplace for the past two decades. We make sure that your claims reach the appropriate conclusion and that you are properly compensated for any damages. Contact our Los Angeles race discrimination lawyers and we will evaluate your claims at no cost.

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