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Pedestrian Killed After Hit-And-Run In South Los Angeles

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May 1, 2020 – Two vehicles and a 33-year old pedestrian were involved in a fatal hit-and-run early Friday morning in South Los Angeles.

Both vehicles were heading North along Western Avenue in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of South Los Angeles. One of the vehicles hit the victim while in a crosswalk on West 92nd Street and South West Avenue. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) did not provide any description of the vehicles and are not sure which of the two struck the victim. Both vehicles took off from the crash site and left the victim dead at the scene.

Majority of traffic-related deaths involve pedestrians. Half the time, these pedestrians are along the roadway or outside of the pedestrian lane or crosswalk. The other half of the time, the drivers are on their phones, texting, or drunk driving.

According to the LAPD, half of last year’s vehicle crashes were hit-and-runs and pedestrian deaths have increased by 69% in the last five years.

Los Angeles has its fair share of hit-and-run accidents and crashes. These include your typical fender benders, vehicles hitting property or other parked vehicles, or more serious car accidents that result to severe injuries or death.

Regardless of the factors, outcome, and why the drivers flee the scene, getting justice and the deserved compensation for the victims and families can be very complicated. In most cases, those drivers are never identified and found, or if they are, they don’t have ample insurance coverage. In the last two years, the LAPD has solved no more than 10% of reported cases involving hit-and-run accidents.

Mesriani Law Group’s experienced hit-and-run accident attorneys work with victims and their families who have suffered varying degrees of hit-and-run injuries to relentlessly obtain maximum compensation for physical injuries and other damages.

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