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sexual harassment in the workplace

Protecting Yourself From Sexual Harassment At Work

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One of the most widespread problem in the California workplace is sexual harassment. It is very difficult for employees to face because most of the times, these harassing acts are not publicly known and they are generally hard to prove.

It is also among the shame crimes where the victim is oftentimes made fun of or blamed for being sexually harassed.

Types of Sexual Harassment at Work

There are different types of sexual harassment in the workplace. You need to be familiar with them so you can determine whether or not you are being made a victim of sexual harassment in the office.

  1. Quid Pro Quo This type of sexual harassment happens when your employer asks sexual favors or make sexual advancements as conditions for promotion or other job conditions.
  2. Hostile Work Environment This happens when you are exposed to sexual advances, sexual remarks or other offensive acts at work. In this type of sexual harassment the employer can be held guilty of sexual harassment even if he is not the actual perpetrator of the harassing acts.

Who Are the Subject of Sexual Harassment?

There is a mistaken notion that only women are the victims of workplace harassment. On the contrary even men, gays, lesbian and other employees of other sexual orientations may be the subject of sexual harassment. Hence, even if you are not a woman but you feel that you are being sexually harassed at work. You have an equal right to cry foul and file a claim in court for sexual harassment under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which does not distinguish who the victims could be of sexual harassment. It also does not distinguish if the harasser could be of the same sex or sexual orientation.

How to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

If you are a victim of sexual harassment, keeping quiet or mum about it will not help you even a bit. Also, it will put your other co-workers in jeopardy because the harasser will become embolden by your inaction. What you should do is seek legal help from top employment lawyers in California who can immediately call your employer’s attention to the harassment that is happening at your workplace. In worst cases, your expert sexual harassment attorneys can file claim for you and obtain for you the best compensation for your sexual harassment damages.

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