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Who Pays Rental Cars After Accidents

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Automobile accidents are a physical, mental, and financial burden whenever they occur to anyone. Getting your car in an accident can also make everyday transportation difficult. Given these situations, renting a car is a good alternative to owning a car. However, other than compensation for medical bills and lost wages, who pays for the rental car after a car accident?

One can acquire rental car reimbursement insurance in California using his or her policy plan, allowing them to pay for a rental car in the event of an accident. Your insurance provider may opt to pay for a rental car if your plan includes the standard collision or reimbursement coverage or other types of comprehensive coverage. However, not every insurance plan consists of rental reimbursement coverage. Contact your auto insurance provider immediately and confirm whether or not they provide this type of coverage or if it is included in your plan.

How is Fault Determined in A Car Accident Claim?

The simplest way of proving who is at fault in a car accident is by getting the testimonies of the witnesses and drivers involved in the accident. Documented evidence and the official police report also play a huge role in determining fault in a car accident along with the given testimonies.

Always remember that admitting fault in these situations should be avoided if you believe that the other party is the one to blame. It is also possible that multiple drivers share fault, resulting in different claims and outcomes.

Do You Need Insurance to Rent a Car?

While insurance policies can help pay for damages from car accidents, it is still possible to rent a car even if you don’t have car insurance. Rental car companies provide their own insurance plans for their vehicles, making rental cars automatically insured. However, one must note that these vehicles only have the bare minimum requirements for their insurance. These companies offer other types of plans as well for you in case you get involved in an accident. For car-owners with insurance on their vehicles, it is irrational to spend extra money on expenses that are already covered by the rental car agency’s plan. If you don’t have car insurance yet, consider purchasing one from the rental company.

What to Do in a Car Accident Before Getting a Rental Vehicle

Car accidents can instill panic and stress to the victim during and after it has happened. Always remember that you have to be aware of the situation and act upon it to get the right compensation later on. To make sure that your rental car expenses are covered, here are a few things you need to do:

Get the Information of the Other Party

The first thing you need to do after getting involved in a car accident is to gather the other party’s information. These include the following details:

  • Name and address of the driver
  • Driver’s insurance company and policy information
  • Statements of the witnesses and their contact information.
  • Photos of the accident scene. You can use your smartphone to take pictures

Contact Your Insurance Company

The next step to do is to contact your insurance provider and send them your gathered information related to the accident such as the police report, statements, and photos you’ve taken at the scene of the accident. Many insurance companies have mobile apps for these situations so you can send the needed information to them conveniently. You can also acquire a checklist of the documents required from these apps to make your claim.

Contact the Authorities

The last step that you have to do is to contact the police. This is a vital step and should not be forgotten since your insurance company would be looking for a police report as soon as possible. The police can also determine who is at fault upon investigating the scene of the accident.

If your vehicle can be moved, the cops would typically request you to bring it down to the police station for further observation. The same protocol applies if they see that the damage is not that extensive or severe, which also means you don’t have to acquire a rental car.

However, the police can also be uncooperative during these times. Some cops may choose not to file a report if they believe the damage is less than 500 dollars. This can be frustrating since some auto shops charge thousands of dollars for particular repairs. The decision would be left to the court regarding who is at fault if the situation mentioned happens to you.

Seek Car Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles

Experiencing a car accident should never be taken lightly. Medical bills and auto repairs can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars which puts significant financial stress on the victim. Getting a rental car is an additional expense if your daily tasks revolve around riding a car to get you from one place to another.

Hire experienced car accident lawyers in Los Angeles to help you manage your expenses and pursue your claim. Having a legal professional by your side makes it easier for you to get compensated for your well-being, the repairs needed for your vehicle, and the financial coverage for your rental car. Contact the competent lawyers at Mesriani Law now and get the proper compensation you deserve.

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