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Who’s at Fault for Causing Road Hazard Injuries?

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Road hazards can cause your car to lose control and ultimately cause a serious or life-threatening accident. Although you may be the driver, road hazards usually exist because of someone else’s negligence. Therefore, it’s important to consult with an experienced road hazard accident lawyer to correctly determine the party at fault.

And while the party at fault will vary depending on each specific case, the negligent party for causing road hazard injuries can include:


Government Entities

In Los Angeles, state and local government entities are required to ensure that the roads are safe for driving conditions. But road maintenance takes time and costs money. Cracked roads, uneven asphalt or cement, dangerous curves, missing road signs, inadequate road shoulders, poor lighting, or faded or non-existent lane markings can all lead to a road hazard accident.

If a government entity fails to properly maintain or warn drivers about potentially dangerous road conditions, they may be liable for anyone injured from those road hazards. 


Construction Contractors and Civil Engineers

Civil engineers and construction companies who design, build, and fix roads have a responsibility to ensure their work meets certain safety standards. Failure to design a safe road or post signs to warn drivers of potential hazards could lead to serious or fatal road injuries. Additionally, the construction company and civil engineers could be liable for causing the accident.


Manufacturers of Equipment and Road Materials

Road materials and equipment must meet certain minimum safety requirements that can prevent potential hazards or accidents. If it fails to meet these safety standards and becomes defective, the manufacturer could be liable for any injuries sustained as a result of the faulty equipment. 


Other Drivers or Vehicle Operators

Commercial truck drivers or other vehicle operators can also be responsible for road hazard accidents. Sometimes, a truck collides with another vehicle. Other times, cargo isn’t adequately secured and falls onto the road or hits another driver. At night, any debris on the road is more difficult to avoid since visibility is low. As a result, a driver may try to swerve to avoid hitting the debris and accidentally collide into another vehicle.  Victims can sustain serious injuries from the accident from trying to avoid hitting the fallen debris. If this happens, the truck driver or company could be at fault. Regardless of the responsible party, victims are entitled to compensation for their injuries.


Property Owners 

Property owners along a road have a responsibility to prevent objects from leaving their property that could potentially cause an injury to someone else. If someone does get hurt, the property owners could be held liable for the injuries.


Contact a Road Hazard Accident Attorney Today

When a road hazard causes an accident, things can get complicated. If you were involved in a road hazard accident, you’ll need an experienced road hazard accident attorney to help you navigate the legalities of this complex situation. Our road hazard accident lawyers have over two decades of experience and have obtained the maximum compensation for our clients. Contact Mesriani Law Group today and let us help you with your case.

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