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Long Beach Hit-And-Run Victim Dies Weeks Later

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Leonard Smith, a 74-yer old Long Beach resident, was a victim of a hit-and-run crash in August. The incident happened along Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue in the afternoon of August 23rd. The driver of the vehicle that struck Smith left the scene, but then returned after police officers arrived.

Smith was taken to the hospital with injuries on his torso. At that time, his injuries were not life-threatening. Smith remained in the hospital for about three weeks. On September 6th, police were notified that Smith had died. According to the coroner’s office, Smith’s cause of death was related to his injuries form the hit-and-run crash.

It is still undetermined whether the driver will face charges. The driver is described to be a 30-year old man from Lancaster driving a 2000 Cadillac SUV.

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Table of Contents for Specific Topics

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