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A head-on collision between a car and a truck

Why Head-on Collisions Happen

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Head-on collisions occur when the front end of one vehicle hits the front end of another vehicle or stationary object. These traffic accidents can lead to serious injuries or even death, as they concentrate maximum kinetic energy and momentum into the collision. As with other personal injury cases, you’ll need to gather evidence against the party at-fault and pursue just compensation if you’ve suffered injuries or lost a loved one following a head-on car crash.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Head-on Collisions?

The following factors can result in head-on collisions:

a. Distracted driving – This covers a variety of actions while driving, such as taking calls and typing texts, using GPS, and tuning car entertainment systems. Distraction.gov reported more than 3,150 casualties as a result of this offense in 2013.
b. Drunk driving – Alcohol and drug use play a huge role in many head-on collisions. In fact, certain over-the-counter medications can significantly increase alcohol’s capacity to weaken a driver’s judgment.
c. Speeding – Speeding accounted for 28 percent of crash casualties in 2014, according to a report issued by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). High-speed collisions are likely to cause significant property damage and bodily injuries.
d. Reckless driving – This type of reckless behavior is often defined as a mental state in which the driver demonstrates a wanton disregard for the rules of the road. In the United States, reckless driving is treated as a major moving traffic violation.

What Injuries Do Victims Normally Sustain After a Head-on Collision?

Here are some of the most severe injuries victims could sustain:

a. Whiplash – This injury is the result of the sudden jerking motion of the head and neck during the collision, causing the ligaments and muscles in the neck and back to stretch. Individuals who suffer from whiplash can experience headaches and dizziness; blurred vision; shoulder, neck, and back pain; and other symptoms.
b. Spinal cord injuries – Severe head-on collisions can cause the disc of the victim’s spinal cord to become severely compressed. Victims can also suffer from herniated or ruptured discs or a fractured vertebrae if there was any heavy downward force during the collision. At its most extreme, spinal cord injuries can lead to permanent paralysis.
c. Traumatic brain injury – A traumatic brain injury may arise due to a fractured skull from a head-on collision. This can occur if the driver’s head is thrown into the steering wheel during the collision.

What Damages Can You Win From a Head-on Collision Lawsuit?

If you are filing a lawsuit against the party responsible for the head-on collision, you may seek the following damages:

  1. Current and future medical expenses
  2. Current and future lost earnings
  3. Out-of-pocket expenses related to the collision, including funeral expenses
  4. Physical pain
  5. Emotional suffering

How Can Plaintiffs Gather Proof for Their Claims?

In order to start a head-on collision or car accident claim, you must collect the necessary evidence:

a. Police report – Emergency responders, including police officers, are always sent to roadside collisions. Once they are deployed to the crash site, the police will carry out an investigation. This includes speaking to witnesses, taking skid mark measurements, and photographing the scene. If you’re planning to seek compensation, file a police report to strengthen your case.
b. Photographs – Use your smartphone or camera to take pictorial evidence at the crash site. Take photos of the damage to the vehicles, any injuries you or other victims have sustained, damaged signage, skid marks, and any evidence of intoxication (such as empty prescription or alcohol bottles).
c. Witness statements – Remember to take note of all the witnesses’ names and contact information. Also, if they suspect that the negligent driver caused the accident, you should ask them questions about what they saw during the collision.
d. Medical records – Your medical records need to prove that your injuries were the direct result of the head-on collision. This will help you show the courts that the other driver was careless and that his carelessness led to your injuries.

Get Excellent Legal Assistance From Personal Injury Lawyers

Head-on crashes can result in serious physical injuries, such as neck and head injuries, lacerations, spinal cord damage, and even wrongful death. If you were involved in this type of accident, you’re likely to require expensive and ongoing medical treatment. Your overall well-being, as well as your ability to provide for your family, could also be compromised. To protect yourself and your loved ones, the wise thing to do would be to file a car accident claim against the party at fault.

However, it will be difficult to build a concrete claim all by yourself. The defendant is likely to be represented by defense lawyers and unscrupulous insurance adjusters who will stop at nothing to invalidate or reduce your claims. To safeguard your claim and receive just compensation, you’ll need the expertise of knowledgeable Los Angeles-based car accident lawyers.

Mesriani Law Group (MLG) is a California-based law firm with over two decades’ experience in handling both personal injury cases and employment law violations. Our lawyers have successfully defended thousands of clients, helping them obtain just compensation for their suffering and losses. Get the best legal assistance for your car accident claim by contacting Mesriani Law Group today.

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