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Navigating Hand, Arm & Finger Injury Compensation Claims

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Work-related injuries are common in industries with occupational health and safety hazards. Some of these sectors are construction, manufacturing, and energy. These employees execute the duties of their jobs, aware of the risks involved. However, unfortunate circumstances may happen while they are engaging in risky situations. These circumstances may affect their health and daily lives. Examples of injuries that workers may experience are damage to the hand, arm, and finger.

Some employees suffer hand-related work injuries. North Carolina’s Safety and Health Council states that the most common kinds of injuries are lacerations, crushes, detachments, punctures, and fractures. Fractures constitute five percent of the reported injuries, perforations are at six percent, detachments represent eight percent, and those who experience crushes are at thirteen percent. Workers who suffer lacerations constitute the highest percentage, which is at sixty-three percent. These injuries bring immense pain and discomfort to the victims.

When working in a hazardous environment, workers are also at risk for chemical and electrical burns, sprains, wounds, and strains. Some employees are also prone to frostbite because of the environment where they work. These workers must be compensated for the injury they obtained. 

Causes of Hand, Arm, and Finger Injury

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States of America, the primary cause of hand injuries is due to a lack of proper equipment such as gloves. Another reason for this kind of wound is the use of improper hand-protecting equipment.

For example, in a chemical-laden workplace, it is a must to wear protective gear such as coats and gloves. On the other hand, employees in construction sites should also use the necessary protection for their hands and arms because of falling debris. Factory workers must be equipped with gloves that can withstand different temperatures. For food preparation ventures, employees must be required to wear gloves and coats due to health concerns. By using the necessary equipment, they are protecting their consumers as well as themselves.

However, employees are not the only entities responsible for these injuries. There are cases wherein companies do not provide these protective gear. In such cases, a work injury lawyer is of great help to the victims.

Effects of Hand, Arm, and Finger Injury

Hand injuries are devastating for the victims. This type of injury poses adverse effects on those affected by it. The hand is a vital part of a human’s body. It is used to hold objects and perform delicate tasks. When a person experiences hand, arm, and finger injury, it is not only the person’s work that is affected. The victim’s daily life is also greatly affected.

Thus, victims are susceptible to loss of opportunities. People who experience hand injuries cannot perform the tasks required for their jobs. In cases wherein there is a detached body part, they will also have to deal with some loss of mobility. Victims of hand injury also experience pain and suffering. Their mental well-being may also be affected due to stress.

Apart from the physical effects, victims need to pay for medical expenses. Some injuries are required to be treated with surgeries, and they are costly procedures — other forms of care, such as medicines and therapies, also need money. 

How Can A Legal Counsel Help Work-Related Injury Victims?

Victims of hand, arm, and finger injury do not need to walk through the recovery journey alone. They do not need to shoulder the necessary expenses for cure and recovery. Thus, for a hand injury claim, it is best to ask for legal help.

It is also advisable to notify the company regarding the injury. The victim can inform them through a letter, especially if the victim cannot meet with them due to the injury. After that, it is recommended to notify the company’s compensation office regarding injury claims.

For further and more thorough guidance, it is best to contact a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers help victims recover compensation for the injury acquired during the time of work. They will represent injury victims to ensure that the affected people will be treated fairly.

Seek the Best Legal Advisor

Experienced injury lawyers are highly-knowledgeable on how to help victims claim the compensation they deserve. They knew and practiced the legal proceedings involved in work injury cases. These lawyers know the protocols in dealing with personal injury cases.

It is also crucial to contact lawyers who are knowledgeable about the laws of a specific state. For example, workers from California must seek the advice of lawyers who practice in California since states have some differences in rules and provisions regarding work injury cases.

If you or someone you know suffered work-related injury to the hand, arm, and finger, it is encouraged to contact an expert work injury lawyer in Los Angeles to help you through the process of claiming the rightful compensation.

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