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Drive-By Shooting Rampage Killed 24-Year-Old Newlywed

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Tuesday morning at an LA Starbucks drive-thru, a 24-year-old Alexis Carbajal was shot and killed while he was waiting in line in his Ford Mustang. He crossed paths with the gunman who opened fire at him and was also the one who shot fire at five different locations around Los Angeles.

Security camera video shows that the shooter was in a white Jeep SUV that rear-ended the blue Mustang in the drive-thru and opened fire into Carbajal’s car. The suspect takes off as police are rounding the corner.

Carbajal was recently married and was with his wife and friends when the incident happened, as stated by the family members. Brian Gonzaelez, who grew up with Carbajal said that it’s really hard for him and hard for his family to believe what happened and that people like Alexis don’t have to go through that and that he was barely going through life.

The suspect was later killed in an hours-long standoff on the 91 Freeway and was later found to have killed other people as well. The police still have not identified a motive in the shootings.

The family now grieving for the loss of such a young life, unjustly taken in a rampage, struggle to understand why this had happened.

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Table of Contents for Specific Topics

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